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Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (GBGV)


The grand basset griffon vendeen is a French hunting dog. "Grand" is French for "big." Basset is understood as meaning "short-legged," from the French word "bas." But the "grand" version of the basset group is not so low to the ground as the basset hound. The legs are longer and straighter than the basset hound. "Griffon" describes the rough, shaggy coat. Different types of basset dogs developed in different, isolated areas of France. Vendée is the name of an area on the west coast of France. The petit (small) basset griffon vendeen developed in a different part of France. The Romans brought dogs with them when they conquered France in 1BC, and these dogs added new blood to the local lines.

Hunting was the sport of kings in France, and packs of dogs were kept by royalty. The bassets were used for hunting small animals like rabbit and fox.

How the different breeds of dogs developed


Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens

grand basset griffon vendeens playing

Grand basset griffon vendeens in Iowa, USA.  These gbgv's have been trimmed - they have long hair. GBGV's are rare in the US.  They have wonderful personalities. 
Man has developed hundreds of breeds of dogs for his own purposes and amusement. It's a good job there were not so many breeds in Noah's time, or he'd never have got them all on the ark! The ark was a houseboat in which he rescued his family and all the fauna around him, from a devastating flood. Our bloodlines of today are descended from Noah's breeding pair. Man has selected dogs with desirable traits and inbred them until they become what we call "breeds."  Genesis 7, 14 "every beast after his kind."
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