Dog Group: Sporting Group

Activity Needs: Needs Lots Of Activity

Barking Level: When Necessary

Afghan Hound TrainingAmong the more eye-catching of all puppy breeds, the Afghan Hound is an aloof and dignified aristocrat of sublime charm. Despite his regal look, the Afghan can show an endearing streak of silliness along with a serious respect.

Since ancient times, Afghan Hounds being famous for their stylish charm. But the heavy, silky, moving coat that’s the type’s crowning glory is not only for tv show ‘ it served as protection from the harsh weather in mountainous areas where Afghans initially made their unique maintain. Underneath the Afghan’s attractive external is just a strong, nimble hound ‘ standing as large as 27 in from the shoulder ‘ designed for a long day’s search. Her paw-pads that are huge as shock absorbers on their homeland’s punishing terrain.  The Afghan Hound is just a unique type for special folks. A breed specialist writes, ‘It’s maybe not the breed for many potential pet owners, but the spot where the puppy and manager mix is right, no animal can equal the Afghan Hound as being a pet.