Types of Dog Ears

  • Different dog breeds have ears of different shapes and sizes. These differences are the result of the selective breeding efforts of humans.
  • Some dog ear shapes are utilitarian and help dogs do the jobs they were bred to do. For example, the long ears of many scent hounds help corral scent molecules and send them toward a dog’s nose.
  • No matter the shape of your dog’s ears, you need to clean them regularlyAnd, as with most aspects of regular care and grooming, it’ll be helpful to get your dog used to the procedure at an early age

Head Types

All canine heads come in three different shapes. Most to all of the dogs have the mesaticephalic head, meaning the width and length is of medium proportions. The dolichocephalic head is long and narrow where there stop is barely noticeable. Brachycephalic dog heads are broad, wide and short in length.

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