TOY Affenpinscher



Dog Group: Toy Group

Activity Needs: Needs Lots of Activity

Barking Level: When Necessary

Coat Type: Wire

Breed Size: Small (0-25Lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Smallest Dog Breeds, Hypoallergenic Dogs, Best Family Dogs

Shedding Levels: Infrequent

Affenpinscher SliderBecause of their wide-set rounded eyes, little muzzles, and wiry coat, it’s easy to see how the distinctive affenpinscher earned his name—once you translate it, that is. “Affenpinscher” more or less means “monkey-like dog” (affen = monkey, pinscher = terrier/dog). However, his spirited personality and unique face inspires yet another comparison for those acquainted with the breed. This breed is loyal, inquisitive, and notoriously fascinating; his face is almost human-looking, and he is fearless.”

Though sufficiently small to be a part of the toy breed group, the affenpinscher holds himself like a boss. While they’re likely a hard-to-find sight at the neighborhood dog park, when you do see one it’ll make a lasting impression.

Their historic background as imperious rat- and mouse-catchers might be why affenpinschers come with that swagger and intense intelligence. Although these types of dogs require a moderate level of maintenance and enjoy long life spans, their amazing personality that gives affenpinschers their attractiveness.


Affenpincher Appearance
Standing under 1 foot tall in height and 10 pounds or less, affenpinschers are petite pups. Their wiry, medium-length fur tends to make them seem a little more robust than what you normally see in the toy breed, adding thickness to their chest and legs.

Their wiry fur additionally gives him or her a round head, resulting in the monkey-like face. Longer hair at the muzzle additionally hints at why the French described as affenpinschers diablotin moustachu (“mustached little devil”). Like other breeds with wiry fur, his or her coat should be combed at least two times a week in order to avoid matting—though its tougher texture helps keep them from shedding often.

Loyal, curious, and famously entertaining, this almost-human toy dog is courageous out of all proportion to his size. As with all great comedians, it’s the Affenpinscher’s recognizable seriousness of purpose that creates his antics all the more amusing.

The Affen’s apish look has been described many ways. They’ve been called ‘monkey dogs’ and ‘ape terriers.’ The French say diablotin moustachu (‘mustached little devil’), and Star Wars fans claim whether they look more like Wookies or Ewoks. Standing no more than a foot tall, these sturdy terrier-like dogs approach life with great confidence. ‘This isn’t a breed you train, ‘a professional dog animal trainer tells us, ‘He’s like a human. You befriend him or her.’ The dense, harsh coat is described as ‘neat but shaggy’ and comes in several colors; the gait is light and confident. They can be willful and domineering, but mostly Affens are devoted, affectionate, and constantly entertaining. Affen men and women say they love being owned by their little monkey dogs.