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Dog Group: Working Group

Activity Needs: Regular Exercise

Barking Level: When Necessary

Coat Type: Long

Breed Size: Large (61-100Lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Best Family Dogs, Best Dog Breeds For Kids, Best Dog Breed For Seniors

Shedding Levels: Seasonal

Akita TrainingThe Akita—a big, self-respecting dog breed from the working class—has origins in Japan, where they are considered a national treasure. Initially trained to hunt wild boar and even bears in the mountains, the well-developed Akita is courageous and determined. While he isn’t especially common in the U.S., the Akita quickly demonstrates to those who decide to adopt him or her that he is really a loyal family companion when well-trained.

Beneath the Akita’s self-respecting demeanor is a playful and loving side reserved for his/her owners. “When you look at it, it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, how cute, how fluffy, it’s so quiet,'” says Baruch Caballero, DVM, an emergency veterinarian at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, Ill. It’s important to do your research before bringing home any breed, including the big, furry Akita.