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Dog Group: Working Group

Activity Needs: Energetic

Barking Level: Howler

Coat Type: Medium, Double

Breed Size: Large (61-100Lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Best Family Dogs, Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Shedding Levels: Frequent

Alaskan Malamute Working DogWhether you’ll want to haul something through the snowfall or just want a furry buddy with bountiful power for outside adventures, the Alaskan malamute is game. These talkative, patient, and affectionate Nordic wonders will use their strength and agility to assist around the homestead, thrill exciting sled rides to your children, and explore the wilderness with you.


Alaskan malamutes are stunning and regal, with a flirty plumed tail curled over their straight back. Their cheerful and aware phrase communicates boundless energy, with bright, almond-shaped brown eyes and a muzzle that is medium-sized. If they’re active, their ears that are pointed upright and even angle back; if they’re at sleep, their ears will ease a little to the edges of the broad head.

Their athletic, muscular bodies are covered by having a double-coat of fur. The exterior is short and coarse, maybe even a tad wooly, while the undercoat is soft and heavy. This combination insulates them well during long sled works in freezing temperatures. A mal’s underside is white from the front side of these chests to the end of their tails. Their topcoat is normally a selection of colors that varies by puppy (black colored, blue, brown, grey, red, sable, seal, and silver are typical common). Full white Alaskan malamutes tend to be the only users with this type dressed in a solid color coating.

Alaskan Malamute

Clever and spirited, malamutes are affectionate entertainers who love their particular packs. Malamutes are freighters of the Arctic, with incredible endurance to hold heavy loads with their particular team over long distances. Your mal won’t be content lazing around or being left alone for long intervals.

Living Needs

Most malamutes are really a bit too high energy for apartment lifestyle, especially if they have limited quantities of time is outside as a result. Becker claims they need daily exercise that is rigorous’s beyond being outside in the garden.

Keep in mind, a malamute that is Alaskan temperament requires conscientious involvement, therefore a 30-minute online game of frisky fetch may need to take place a few of times a day. Dog parks are great options for socialization with canines their size and larger.

Even though pack life is in their particular DNA, it’s essential for them to mingle along with other animals when you look at the family members while still a pup. Otherwise, they might be tempted to provide chase to dogs of the sex that is same smaller pooches, and cats. Socializing your malamute that is Alaskan puppy assist her develop into a well-rounded, and well-mannered, pup!

Alaskan Malamutes are often wrongly identified as Alaskan or Siberian huskies, along with the question “malamute vs. husky?” comes up often. All are working dogs, and a lot of mushers use malamutes and huskies as sledders, sometimes with each other on the same team. But Alaskan Malamutes are much larger versus their husky cousins—by a lot: Mals exceed the medium-sized husky by 30–40 lbs.