American Hairless Terrier

TERRIER American Hairless Terrier

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Dog Group: Terrier Group

Activity Needs: Regular Exercise

Barking Level: When Necessary

Coat Type: Hairless, Short

Breed Size: Small (0-25Lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Hypoallergenic Dogs, Best Family Dogs, Hairless Dog Breeds, Good With Other Dogs

Shedding Levels: Infrequent

American Terrier HairlessThe American Hairless Terrier, a Louisiana native, is a smart, curious, and playful dog that comes in hairless and coated varieties. They are a fine selection for allergy affected individuals who desire a dog with real terrier determination and courage.

The American Hairless Terrier is about 12 to 16 inches at the shoulder and is available in both coated and hairless species. The hairless variety might have whiskers and eyebrows, while the coated has a short, shiny coat. The skin of the hairless is smooth and warm to touch. The broad, wedge-shaped head is a hallmark of both varieties. Erect, V-shaped ears frame the round, expressive eyes that gleam with curiosity.

The American Hairless moves with jaunty pep in their step that announces genuine terrier attitude. The hairless type is just about as hypoallergenic as a dog can get. Hairlessness, however, presents its very own challenges. Sunburn is a problem, and cold temperatures calls for special safety measures. This breed is protective of their humans while making attentive watchdogs.