Australian Shepherd

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Dog Group: Herding Group

Activity Needs: Energetic

Barking Level: Frequent

Coat Type: Medium, Double

Breed Size: Small (0-25Lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Best Family Dogs, Best Dog Breeds For Kids, Good With Other Dogs

Shedding Levels: Seasonal

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Care

The Australian Shepherd has a thick dense coat that is medium to long in length. Regular grooming is very important to keep an Australian Shepherd healthy and comfortable while they shed year-round. They also shed their winter coat in spring. Complete brushing of the hair should be done one to two times per week to avoid tangling and matting, and even more frequently over the shedding season. The Australian shepherd’s coat is weather-resistant and also dog won’t need a bath very much.

Keep the ears are clean to prevent ear infections and trim the nails frequently in order to keep the feet healthy and free of bacteria.

It is very essential for your Australian Shepherd to obtain frequent exercise, much more than the majority of dogs. This high-energy Breed can become bored to tears, aggravated, and hyper if not active enough. Physical exercise can help maintain the Australian Shepherd’s mental and physical health. Be sure to frequent exercise, even more than most dogs. This high-energy dog breed can become bored, frustrated, and hyperactive if not active enough. Exercise will help maintain the Australian Shepherd’s mental and physical health. Be sure to walk an Australian shepherd on a sturdy leash because the dog will probably chase and try to to herd small animals, bicycles, and people passing by, giving them a bite to make them go the correct direction according to the Aussie thoughts. They will certainly require secure fence when they are in the backyard rather than an electronic fence as their desire to pursue and herd definitely won’t be easily dissuaded.

Because of its high intelligence level, the Australian Shepherd is receptive to training and learns quite quickly. Give your Australian Shepherd detailed training. Training with patience and strong hand works well with Aussies. With proper training, the Australian Shepherd is extremely obedient.

Remember that Aussies focus is work. The Australian Shepherd does really well at dog sporting and other activities like Frisbee, obedience and agility. The majority Australian Shepherds are more content with work: They excel at herding and general farm/ranch work, but they are also quite talented in assistance/service, search and rescue, and pet therapy.

Overall, the Australian Shepherd is a very smart and loyal partner which is affectionate and connected with its owner. This dog breed is very alert and very aware of what is around them. They are willing to defend their home by barking a warning when people approach their territory. However, they choose to be around their humans as an alternative to isolated in a yard. Appropriate socialization is essential as they are restrained around new people; without socialization, Australian Shepherds can develop shyness or defensiveness.

The Australian Shepherd will make a wonderful companion for the ideal family. This breed tends to adapt well to all types of households as long as they offer proper exercise and training. The desire to herd kids and bite at them is intimidating, especially kids who are not familiar with the dog. Remember this dog breed will try to herd small animals, including the family cat.

Australian Shepherds withstand hot and cold weather very well. They don’t adjust to apartment living because they absolutely need space for exercise throughout the day.

Diet and Nutrition

An Australian shepherd ought to be fed two meals a day of up to 1.25 cups of dry dog food per meal. The amount will depend on your dog’s size, activity level, age, and other factors. Monitor your dog’s weight and address any tendency to be overweight. Discuss your dog’s nutritional needs with your veterinarian to get appropriate recommendations