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Dog Group: Hound Group

Activity Needs: Regular Exercise

Barking Level: Infrequent

Coat Type: Short

Breed Size: Medium (26-60Lbs)

Training Level: Independent

Characteristics: Best Family Dogs, Good With Other Dogs, Not Good With Small Children

Shedding Levels: Infrequent

Barbet Dog Training and FoodBecause Barbets have long, thick, curly coating, daily grooming is definitely an absolute must; they are certainly vulnerable to tangles, mats, and build-up of debris. You may even find debris in your Barbet’s coat after each a walk. If left ungroomed, the Barbet’s coat can easily become matted or felted, and grow to long lengths. Every day, lightly brush and brush your Barbet’s coating, taking out any mats or tangles with your fingers. Taking out a mat with a comb runs the risk of tearing your dog’s coat or injuring his skin.

Some Barbet owners would rather keep their dogs’ coats smaller to make grooming much easier. If you opt to cut your Barbet’s coating, shoot for about four inches in length round the body, as well as slightly longer on the head, chin, and tail. You may cut the hairs in between your dog’s eyes regularly, so he can see more clearly, as well as the hairs around the ear canal. If you don’t feel at ease trimming your dog’s coating, a local groomer will be able to help.

Be certain that you inspect your Barbet’s ears frequently, and gently remove any waxy build-up or debris by getting a soft cotton cloth. If your dog’s ears are red and inflamed,
or extremely dirty, as well as smell, make an appointment with your vet. These may be signs of infection and could require treatment.

All dog breeds are at risk of periodontal disease if he or she don’t get proper dental care. Daily teeth brushing is preferred but brushing your pet’s teeth at least once per week can assist in preventing oral diseases from emerging. You may even supplement brushing with dental chew goodies, but keep in mind that They’re empty calories, so it’s important to give them moderation. Dental treats should never be the only type of dental hygiene you use.

Barbets have higher levels of energy and exercise requirements, and they are highly smart dogs—so it is advisable to ensure they are occupied and entertained. They do well in agility sports, so agility activities, puzzles, or other challenging games will help keep your Barbet occupied and exercised. Because Barbets are incredibly, they have the potential for stubbornness. Obedience training, on top of daily exercise and entertainment, can help.

Diet and Nutrition

Your dog’s eating habits depends mainly on how big it is, weight, activity levels, and metabolism, but normally, you can expect to feed your Barbet 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality, high-protein dog food every day. In case you are not sure the amount of food to feed your Barbet, your vet can help you in developing a meal plan that works well for your dog.

Remember: All breeds are susceptible to canine obesity if overfed and under-exercised. Being overweight can result in serious health complications like heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems, so it’s vital that you make sure your dog is eating a healthy, diet.