Basset Hound

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Dog Group: Hound Group

Activity Needs: Calm

Barking Level: Howler

Coat Type: Short, Smooth

Breed Size: Medium (26-60Lbs)

Training Level: May Be Stubborn

Characteristics: Good With Children, Best Dog Breed For Seniors

Shedding Levels: Normal

Basset Hound TrainingThough they’ve short haired, the Basset Hound will require standard grooming sessions–and they can be profuse shedders. To decrease shedding–which helps keep their skin healthy and balanced–a -weekly brushing with a soft brush or shedding device as well as occasional bathing will likely be important. Like other breeds, Basset Hounds will also need their nails trimmed down routinely.

Bassets Hounds are not the best body definition of a dog and not the most athletic breed, however I am not saying your Basset Hound won’t require regular exercise. This breed will really enjoy a routine of average day-to-day exercise, say for example a quick walk every day, and Bassets are recognized for their stamina. Not only can exercise help keep your Basset Hound healthy and balanced, but it will help prevent an increase in weight.

Basset Hounds were selectively bred to work hard along with other dogs, and because of that this breed is going to be delighted together with other canines. What’s more, it means they can be very playful and social, though their temperament is usually mild and low-key around your home (they are really considered to be a breed that loves long sleeps on the sofa, particularly after playing outdoors for any length of time).

Bassets are viewed as an extremely independent, stubborn breed–which means training them isn’t always easy. Over the years, Basset Hounds and other scent hounds were bred to hunt on their own, which means they had to follow a track without distraction. As a result, training will require extra time, patience, and consistency, as Basset Hounds will often appear aloof and disinterested in following a command of their keepers. This breed will react well to treats (offered in moderation) as well as positive compliments throughout training sessions. Just like all dogs, they ought to be properly socialized at a young age.

Along with its incredible sense of smell, Basset Hounds are also considered to be exceptionally committed to their families and caring and patient with young children and even other pets (as long as your dog has been properly socialized).

Diet Nutrition

The Basset Hound should perform well by getting a high-quality commercially or home-prepared (under veterinarian guidance) petfood. Fresh, clean water should always be available at all times. As with all breeds, treats should be provided in moderate amounts as well as their diet must certanly be controlled in order to avoid weight gain or obesity-related problems.