Bluetick Coonhound

HOUND Bluetick Coonhound


Dog Group: Hound Group

Activity Needs: Lots of Activity, Energetic

Barking Level: Howler

Coat Type: Short, Smooth

Breed Size:  Large (61 – 100lbs)

Training Level: Easy Training

Characteristics: Best Family Dogs

Shedding Levels: Normal

The sleekly beautiful Bluetick Coonhound is a sweet and affectionate charmer who might enjoy snoozing in the shade, but in pursuit of quarry he is relentless, bold, and single-minded. His off-the-charts prey drive must be channeled. Blueticks are speedy and compact nocturnal hunters named for the mottled (or ‘ticked’) black-and-blue pattern of the glossy coat. A large male can top out at 27 inches and 80 pounds; females are smaller. Blueticks are well-muscled but sleek and racy, never chunky or clumsy. The baying, bawling, and chopping bark of Blueticks might be cacophonous to some, but to coon hunters it’s the music of the night. The droopy-eared charm of Blueticks is irresistible. They crave affection and are deeply devoted to those who provide it. Blueticks have tremendous prey drive. Neglected, underemployed coonhounds with no outlet for their hardwired impulses can develop problem behaviors, like serenading the neighbors with loud, mournful ‘howling.’